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DRG Policy Changes Regarding COVID

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An Attitude of Gratitude this week is that we can ease up on Covid restrictions. Thanks be to God our state numbers are improving, and unless less the Delta variant ramps up, we may be moving out of the pandemic stage.

Your church leadership from Bishop Hunn to your vestry has deemed it acceptable to discontinue social distancing and to lessen the mask restriction. Bishop Hunn explained that there are four deterrents to Covid:

  1. Vaccination

  2. Masks

  3. Social distancing

  4. Ventilation

For the safety of our people any two deterrents will suffice. Because of St. Andrew’s new high-powered ventilation system, we use vaccination and ventilation as the two deterrents. Therefore, we can remove the social distancing ribbons in the sanctuary. For those who have been vaccinated, masks are optional while in the building. Those who have not been vaccinated, including children, are required to wear masks while in the building.

Please spread the word and invite people back to church who have been hesitant to return. We honor individual choice, and we ask that if you have not been vaccinated, please wear a mask for your own and others’ safety. The way we outwardly love our neighbors at this time is to keep ourselves and others safe.


Posted by Mo. Jan Hosea