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Parish Life & Fellowship--A Ministry Minute

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A Ministry Minute by Christine Courtney

My name is Christine Courtney. I’ve been an Episcopalian for 40 years, and a member of St. Andrew’s for a decade. I’ve worn many hats here at St. Andrew’s, but today I want to tell you about Parish Life and Fellowship.
I have to acknowledge the abundance of gifts that God graced me with. These do not take the form of speaking softly (I don’t know how to whisper). God gave me parents who loved me unconditionally and while my dad was not “church going,” he had a strong sense of right and wrong. My mom was raised in the Church of England, but we lived so far in the country we attended the local Southern Baptist church.
While our childhood had some trauma, our parents showed God’s unconditional love to me. Because of that, my life was transformed into a lifelong commitment to helping others. I was taught to give back to my community and to the world. Over the years, this moved me to participate in or lead some of the ministries here at St. Andrew’s. Recently, that involved preparing and hosting coffee hours, potlucks and the craft fair. I enjoy being a willing listener and a friendly face as parishioners come and go to the services. In return, I’ve experienced the love, fellowship, and community of our parish. As the pandemic has made it impossible to be in church in person, I’ve started participating in the Compline services via Facebook Live as a way of virtually connecting with people. This is an excellent way to form community and spread the love of God.
Tithing is an important and consistent part of my faith. In this time of so many crises in our country, not only does tithing help to support St. Andrew’s, but it also helps to support the many ministries with which we are involved, and it connects me to God.

Our Search Committee for a New Rector

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The Vestry has selected the Search Committee for our new Rector. The decision process was not easy. We had enough quality nominations to fill two committees. Ultimately, we sought a group that had the right balance in terms of demographic and gender, in terms of a mix of new members and older members, and a mix of 8:30 worshippers and 10:30 worshippers. In doing so, we have Vestry representation consistent with the guidance Bishop Hunn and Canon to the Ordinary Lee have provided.
The members of the Search Committee are:
Nancy McMillan, Chair
Doug Cram
Jeff Kramer
Lita Miller
Sara Orton
Robert Taylor
Missy Wortman
Elizabeth Blohm, Vestry
Ed Morrow, Vestry
David Johnson
Joyce Anglin, Vestry
I have sent a message to the others who were nominated thanking them for their interest.
We will later be forming a Welcoming Committee and Vestry positions will be open for election for next year. I have encouraged those individuals to consider these positions.
During our process of selection, Bishop Hunn informed me that I had the responsibility to select the Chairperson. Even before learning of that role, I had Nancy McMillan in mind. She really needs no introduction here at St. Andrew’s. I can’t think of a better person to lead us forward in this process. We are all very fortunate to have her here at St. Andrew’s, and I
cannot thank her enough for being willing to serve.
In the coming months, the Search Committee will be working to develop the Parish Profile.
Our hope and expectation is that the call and interview process will begin in earnest during the traditional hiring season that begins in March with the hope of having our Rector in place next year.
I would like to thank Mother Jan for her overall leadership as Interim Rector. I would also like to thank the Vestry and Vestry Clerk for their work over numerous special meetings to lay the groundwork for selection of the Search Committee. The future at St. Andrew’s is bright.
— David Lutz