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St. Bonaventure Pickup Day

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During the months of November 2020 and January 2021, we collected and donated a total of 2450 pounds of non-perishable food products (dried beans, rice, flour, table salt, sugar) and 200 (approximately) boxes and bags of clothing, household items, and toys to share with St. Bonaventure and the Navajo Reservation.
There is a continuing need for water barrels for the clean water program. This is particularly true during this pandemic when proper hygiene and hand washing are so critical to stop the spread of this disease. St. Bonaventure can purchase 50 gallon water barrels for $35.00 each. I am asking for donations of $35 for each barrel. If you feel inclined to support this mission, please make checks payable to St. Andrews’ Episcopal Church with “water barrel” on the memo line. The checks will be tallied and one check sent to St. Bonaventure on March 1, 2021. As February is Valentine’s month, what a great way to express love for another.