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DRG Policy Changes Regarding COVID

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There are three developments regarding Covid regulations and changes in Diocesan Policy. These policy changes are effective June 13th, no exceptions. This will allow time for congregations to make the information known within their parish.
1. Distinction between public worship and small group meetings: Masks and social distancing will still be maintained in public worship because children are still vulnerable and there are others who are immune compromised who should be considered. The bishop also feels that this keeps someone new to the church from feeling unwelcome if they prefer to be masked. The good news is that By Consensus, smaller groups like vestries and classes, where the likelihood of someone walking in off the street is small, can take off their masks if: a. everyone is vaccinated and b. no one objects. However, if even one person objects, or even one person is not vaccinated, then you must be masked.
2. Outdoor gatherings like coffee hour and parish picnics can take place without masks if coffee and goodies are served individually (no congregating around the coffee urn) by a masked and gloved person. For a parish picnic, the DRG encourages brown bagging it.
3. Congregational singing through masks can take effect on June 13th.


Posted by Mo. Jan Hosea