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A Prayer from Mother Jan Hosea

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From Mother Jan…
As COVID continues to rise, I offer this prayer in the hope that we can contain this disease by our diligent efforts to protect ourselves and our neighbors.

Let us pray.
With all our hearts and minds, let us pray to the Lord, believing God hears our prayers and sees our tears.

Heavenly Father, giver of life and health: Comfort and relieve your servants who are sick with coronavirus. Give the power of your healing to those for whom our prayers are offered. May they be strengthened in their weakness and have confidence in your loving care.

We pray for all in the community of St. Andrew’s, Lord, we ask for your protection and safekeeping.

We pray for all in Las Cruces and the surrounding area, in the United States, and the world who are suffering from COVID, and also for those who need medical help for other illnesses or injuries. Give your power of healing to those who minister to their needs, and protect all the medical professionals and 1st responders who are putting their own lives at risk.

We pray for the destitute and those deprived of access to medical care.

We pray for those who suffer discrimination because of the color of their skin or country of origin, especially those in detention centers.

We pray for those who put their lives at risk to work so that others may have essential services, and we pray for those who can’t reopen their businesses.

In this time of trial, may the Resurrected Christ bring us hope, strengthen our faith, fill us with love and kinship, and grant us his peace. Amen.
(Adapted from a prayer from The Rev Dr. Lin Lilley, St. Albans, El Paso)

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