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10/11/20 | Faith, Volunteer--Outreach


    The Angel Tree Ministry works through the Prison Fellowship
    Organization to bring of God to incarcerated parents and their
    children. Through the program, inmates apply to Angel Tree to buy
    and deliver Christmas gifts to their children. The gifts are chosen by
    the inmate and come from the inmate. Angel Tree also provides
    Bibles to the inmate and their families. Angel Tree also invites the
    children, their family and caregivers to attend church and worship.
    (Liz Painter: 505-215-3112, )

    El Caldito Soup Kitchen is supported by St. Andrew’s volunteers,
    although the kitchen has moved out of the church. Members of the
    church serve at the kitchen on a weekly or monthly basis helping
    prepare and serve food to the homeless and needy. (Marvin Mathis:
    575-496-7092, )

    The Rebuild Mission started in 2006 after the widespread
    destruction of Hurricane Katrina and in answer to a call from a
    former priest, Father Galbraith, who had retired 9 months before in
    the Gulfport, MS area. We continue annual trips to areas that have
    been damaged by natural disasters. We work with groups that
    organize and provide volunteer housing, tools and materials. We
    provide labor, monetary donations from our parish, and prayers. So
    far we have worked in MS, LA, TX, MO, and NM. Over the years we
    have helped many families get back home again and have met some
    wonderful people along the way. In 2015, we organized volunteers
    and contractors to help build the St. Andrew’s Hospitality House to
    give a place for people to stay free of charge while a family member
    is being cared for at our local hospitals. We continue this work as
    soon as the environment is safe from the Pandemic of 2020. (Kathy
    Morrow: 575-339-8640, )

    Reverse Offerings are made during the Sunday services. Baskets are
    passed with slips showing items needed by the poor in our
    community, with members taking one and buying and returning
    items to the Church. The items are distributed by church volunteers
    to persons coming to the church for food assistance. (Church office:
    575-526-6333, )

    The Second Sunday Supper extends relationship and fellowship to
    people experiencing homelessness living at Camp Hope, the tent city
    at the Mesilla Valley Community of Hope. On the Second Sunday of
    each month, parishioners bring potluck dishes to Camp Hope and
    share dinner with Camp Hope residents and other people at the
    Community of Hope. We use tables and chairs from St. Andrew’s. The
    goal is to let people experiencing homelessness know that we see
    them each as unique and wonderful people, as children of God, as
    our brothers and sisters. The potluck is simply a mechanism to draw
    us together. A new commandment I give to you, that you love one
    another, even as I have loved you, that you also love one another. By
    this, all men will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for
    one another. (John 13: 34-35) (Nancy McMillan: 575-635-5832,

    The Shoebox Ministry is a children's ministry for under-served
    children in Palomas, Mexico. Throughout the year members of the St.
    Andrew’s parish donate toys, games, puzzles, hats, gloves, scarfs,
    stuffed animals and toiletries; items small enough to fit in a shoebox.
    We also hold "shoebox wrapping" parties throughout the fall. In late
    November, all are invited to gather at St. Andrew’s for the annual
    Christmas Box Stuffing festivity. All boxes are age and gender
    specific, and are hand-packed and marked accordingly. The majority
    of these boxes are sent to children in Palomas, Mexico. The Reverend
    Susan Hutchins, our border missioner for the Diocese of the Rio
    Grande, distributes the Christmas boxes at the elementary school
    during their annual Christmas party. This is often the only gift these
    children receive. Currently there are approximately 650 elementary
    students at the Palomas Elementary school. Since 2016, St. Andrew’s
    has contributed over 750 boxes. (Jan Miskovich: 575-642-7382,

    The St. Andrew’s Hospitality House is a safe, supportive and
    compassionate place available at no cost to families from out of town
    who have a loved one receiving treatment in a local hospital. (Nancy
    Haynes: 575-571-2234, )
    The St. Bonaventure Mission Team delivers to the St. Bonaventure
    Indian Mission and School (Eastern Navajo Nation) new and gently
    used summer and winter clothes, coats, sweaters, hats, scarves,
    shoes, bed linens, blankets, towels, toys, handbags, pots, pans, and
    baby bags. The baby bags contain sizes newborn-6 months, blankets,
    towels, washcloths, powder, lotion, soap wipes, and diapers.
    Donations are accepted year-round. (Sandy Zielinski: 575-636-4001,